Top South African Casino banking options.

Online Rand Casino Payment Methods

Online Banking Options

Online Banking Options

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • EasyEFT

  • Neteller

  • Skrill

  • EFT/Bank Transfer



An important question asked by many South African online gamblers is ‘what online gambling payment methods can I use to make deposits? Although some options may seem a little obvious, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of each, and feeling secure in your choice of payment method. On this page you will find a broad discussion about the most popular payment methods for making deposits, and whether each is worth considering. We have also provided a more focused and thorough review on each of the below options separately should you find yourself wanting to know the finer details.

Some important things worth considering when presented with payment method options by online casinos can be:

  • Where the entity is based,
  • Whether there are any applicable fees,
  • Where the bulk of the company’s users come from and, most importantly,
  • Whether an option is suitable for both online casino deposits and withdrawals, or just one and not the other.

Fortunately, the choice always lies with you to chop and change payment methods. So if you’re not entirely happy with your first choice, or circumstance requires you to consider alternatives, the choice is always yours.

With our years in the industry, something we’ve come to learn is that choosing your online casino can be a gamble in itself if you don’t have some solid advice to guide you. One such nugget of wisdom we can offer you is that an online casino which offers a comprehensive range of deposit options is worth considering. This is normally an indicator that the casino is well-established and has cottoned onto the fact that player experience and satisfaction should be a priority.

A good online casino should be offering you as much choice as possible and you need a much details of each deposit and withdrawal option as possible.

Let’s take a closer look at the main banking options in more detail for South African’s wanting to deposit, play and make withdrawals in ZAR Rands.

Top Online Casinos Accepting Rands

What Online Gambling Payment Methods can South Africans use to make Deposits?

We know you’re itching to get your money in the game, but you’re reading this with a cautious mind trying to make sure you choose the right online casino first. As a player using ZAR, we want you to know that some of the best gambling sites are based all over the globe, and many of them are happy to accept South African players. However, these same casinos are also accepting players from numerous countries and support as many currencies.

Hence, despite being fully licensed and well equipped for making international players feel comfortable, not every online casino which allows South African players to sign up and play qualifies as an online Rand casino. For this reason, our SA online casino experts have put together a list of the Top Online ZAR Casinos which offer the Biggest Real Money Bonuses in 2023. You will notice that all of our chosen Casinos on offer here are upfront about what currencies and deposit methods they accept, with ZAR being the common denominator. Here’s a snapshot of what you need to know to get your money in the game.

Most popular banking options

Everything you need to know about making deposits at an online casino in ZAR Rands

As a South African you will be delighted to know that most South African online casinos offer multiple deposit options, but absolutely all Rand casinos offer an option to make deposits and Withdrawals with your Visa or MasterCard. As arguably the world’s most widely accepted payment methods, Visa and MasterCard’s serve as a primary payment option for online gamblers globally. Fortunately, online Rand casinos are no different, allowing you the comfort of familiarity and relevantly low transaction and service fees. Here is a list of the Top Visa Casinos in South Africa.

Aside from Visa and MasterCard, you may want to consider options which are more discreet and adapted for online gambling. This is where e-wallets such as Skrill enter the scene. Skrill is hailed as one of the world’s most popular and discreet e-wallets which is frequently offered by most reputable online casinos. Not only do online casinos make a point of offering players the option of using Skrill to make deposits, they often throw a tempting bonus into the mix to sway players towards using Skrill. This is because Skrill does not subject casinos to steep transaction fees for every deposit, and being the ever accommodating hosts our Top Online Casinos are, they’ve turned the situation into a win-win for you as well.

Skrill is genuinely considered one of the fastest and simplest banking methods for South African gamblers, and here’s why. To use Skrill as an online Rand casino deposit and withdrawal method, you have to first set up a Skrill account. This is a relatively quick process and is entirely free. From there, you now get to push funds into your Skrill account using your debit or credit card.

Once you’ve funded your Skrill account you can start to make deposits directly into a online casino account. A deposit from your Skrill account reflects instantly in your online Rand casino account, allowing you to get your money in the game without a moment wasted. At this point you’ve probably cottoned onto why this method is discreet compared to a direct payment from your bank account to your new favourite online Rand casino recommended by your trusted All Rand Casinos advisors…

Remember, once you have created and funded your Skrill account, the moment you enter one of our top recommended Rand online casinos, you simply need to: Select Skrill from the payment options provided; Enter your deposit amount (this will direct you to your Skrill account and ask you to enter your Skrill account email address and password); Accept the finalisation of your payment transaction; and voila! Your deposit has been made instantly and you are ready to roll (or pull… or spin…you know what we mean!). Your withdrawals may take up to 24 hours to reflect in your Skrill account though so keep that in mind.

Here is another e-wallet option which most online Rand casinos offer as a deposit method. Being an e-wallet, Neteller functions fairly similarly to Skrill. A fantastic advantage of using Neteller is that ZAR is listed among their accepted currencies. This obviously makes your online gambling preparation experience a whole lot easier and relatively cheaper than it would be had you opted for any other e-wallet lacking a Rand option.

Neteller is a well trusted and respected option supported and offered by numerous online casinos, so much so that preferred payment method bonuses are often offered to players who opt to make deposits via Neteller. Like Skrill, Neteller offers a fast and user friendly banking system to its users. We’re particularly impressed by the fact that they are registered with the British Financial Services Authority which forces them to comply with some seriously stringent legislation.

Long story short, Neteller is required to place user funds into trust accounts in order to always be able to settle users’ balances on demand. If this doesn’t give you as a user a strong feeling of security, we’re pretty sure nothing else will. All humour aside, lets briefly run you through setting up an account with Neteller.

You’ll start by entering the Neteller website and sign up for an online account. You will be prompted to fill out a short digital form before being prompted to create a 12-digit password, followed by another 6-digit password (because they’re that pedantic about your security).  After that, it’s pretty much the same as using Skrill when the time comes to fund your online casino account and make your deposit.

Here is a fairly new, affordable, safe, and tailor made payment method for South African online gamblers. While other countries such as the US have a host of digital money transfer options available to them, South Africa lacked such a service for e-commerce and online gambling. EasyEFT was developed to fill this gap so that South Africans now have another local option separate from the two major credit card providers, i.e.: Visa and MasterCard.

Here’s what you should know about EasyEFT. They have partnered with the following South African Banks: FNB; Capitec Bank; Nedbank; ABSA Bank; Investec, and; Standard Bank. This allows them to facilitate transactions on your behalf without needing to pass on your private credit card or banking details. They do this by linking to your bank account and withdrawing your requested amount safely and securely before forwarding it on to your online casino.

What’s impressive about EasyEFT is that they create a new temporary database in order to obtain your banking details for every transaction. The moment the transaction has been processed with the online casino, your details are immediately scrubbed from the temporary database. This ensures that EasyEFT users’ banking details are always kept safe and secure and not exposed to the wide world, or even to the online casino itself.

Obviously we’ve included this option here because EasyEFT uses Rand (ZAR). A significant advantage they’ve gained in your favour by partnering with the major South African banks and South African Online Casinos. This means you will not risk sustaining a loss in your real money bank roll resulting from unfavourable conversion exchange rates and conversion fees. Clearly this is highly beneficial to South African online casino players, especially in the long-run!

Added to the variety of deposit options you’ll be offered by our Top 10 Online Rand Casinos is the ever faithful EFT / Bank Transfer. The only real requirement here is a bank account with sufficient funds to carry out the transaction. You should, however, know that the money usually becomes available in your chosen online Rand casino a few days after making the transaction. So you would need to do some forward planning when making your deposits.

One way around this is using the ‘instant transfer’ option offered by most major South African banks. This option processes the transaction immediately, allowing you to get your money in the game ASAP. The only drawback with the instant transfer option is an increased transfer fee which varies from Bank to Bank.

Why would this option still be widely popular among South African Online Gamblers, despite often being a pricier option than e-wallets? The simple answer is… security. Your EFT is a transaction which takes place between your bank, who sends the money in your name, and your trusted online casino directly. Your personal financial data is never exposed to a third party, and only the necessary data is shared with the casino to receive the funds

For many Online South African Gamblers, this level of security (and familiarity) is worth the expense as there is virtually no risk of data or identity theft.

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