Enjoy both the incentive of a challenging Golf course and an exciting Casino experience. Situated on a 10 hectare property just 7kms from the city centre of Kimberley the Flamingo Casino is accessible by the National Highway N12. Kimberly is of historic interest for the reason of mining diamonds during the diamond rush of 1869. The diamond miners in their search for this precious gem dug the deepest hole ever dug by mankind, some 800 meters deep without the use of specialised mining equipment.

The exotic texture and shades of brilliant pink taken from the Flamingo are accentuated throughout the design and decor. The Flamingo Casino offers a coin less gaming experience with Smart Card gaming. 200 Slot machines and 9 Gaming Tables are available for the Gaming Players.

Flamingo’s Activities

Designed to reimagine the excitement of the historic Diamond Rush, there are several entertainment outlets and fun activities available.

Flamingo’s Entertainment

We offer slots and table games in both smoking and non-smoking sections, as well as an exclusive Privé area.

Flamingo’s Dining

We are not only home to Harvest Grill & Wine, an excellent steakhouse restaurant in Kimberley but we also offer live entertainment at Bar 129.

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